Madden 24, the latest installment in the popular Madden NFL video game series, has been keeping fans Madden 24 coins  eagerly awaiting a significant update. Franchise mode users have been patiently waiting for the draft class bug to be fixed, while gameplay improvements and adjustments are still on the horizon. In this article, we'll delve into the latest news surrounding Madden 24 and explore the reasons behind the delay in the much-anticipated update.

A Delayed Update

Rumors had been swirling for weeks about an impending Madden 24 update, with the expectation that it would drop as early as two weeks ago. However, the update was especially supposed to arrive this week at the very latest. Despite these expectations, Madden enthusiasts find themselves still waiting for the update to materialize.

The Frustration with Franchise Mode

Franchise mode users have a significant stake in this update, primarily due to the persisting draft class bug. While Madden 24's franchise mode has seen fewer issues compared to the previous year's release, the draft class issues continue to hinder the gaming experience for many. Customizing draft classes is a crucial aspect of franchise mode, allowing players to tailor their league to their liking. However, the unresolved bug has left many leagues stuck, unable to progress as intended.

Gameplay Improvements on the Horizon

Beyond franchise mode, Madden 24 players are eagerly awaiting gameplay improvements, particularly the fix for the "loop Blitz." The loop Blitz has been a hot topic among the Madden community, and players are keen to see it addressed. EA Sports has confirmed that they plan to patch the loop Blitz, providing relief to those who've been contending with this gameplay exploit.

A Waiting Game

So, what's causing the delay in the Madden 24 update? The answer may lie in the approval process by gaming giants Sony and Microsoft. EA Sports submitted the update some time ago, and it's been in the hands of these console manufacturers ever since. Until both companies approve the update, EA cannot push it through to players. In the era of cross-play, updates must be synchronized across platforms, and this complicates the process further.

Frustration vs. Reality

It's easy to lay the blame on EA for not pushing the update through promptly. However, once an update is submitted for approval, the ball is in Sony and Microsoft's court. Approval processes can vary in duration, sometimes taking multiple weeks to complete. Madden fans have experienced similar delays in past releases, with updates lingering in limbo until they are cleared for release.

The Draft Class Fix Dilemma

One of the most pressing concerns is whether the update will include the much-anticipated draft class fix for franchise mode. EA Sports recently announced that they had identified fixes for draft class issues. However, it remains unclear if these fixes are part of the update scheduled to drop soon. If the update goes live without the draft class fix, it could frustrate many fans who have been eagerly waiting for a resolution.

Anticipated Gameplay Changes

Beyond bug fixes, players are curious about other gameplay adjustments. Rumors suggest that Madden 24 will see changes to passing accuracies, improvements in man and zone defense, adjustments to route running, and the introduction of new player abilities and X-factors. EA Sports has been testing these changes and is preparing to implement them post-launch. However, substantial mid-year gameplay changes can be a double-edged sword, potentially disrupting the balance of the game.

In the world of Madden 24, fans are currently playing a waiting game. The much-anticipated update, with fixes and gameplay adjustments Buy mut 24 coins xbox , has been delayed, possibly due to the approval process with Sony and Microsoft. While frustration mounts among players, it's essential to remember that EA Sports can do little once an update is submitted for approval. Madden enthusiasts should exercise patience and remain hopeful that the update, when it arrives, will address their concerns and elevate their gaming experience.

In the meantime, Madden players can take advantage of the time to sharpen their skills and prepare for the exciting changes and improvements on the horizon. Madden 24 is poised for a transformative update, and the community's dedication to the game continues to drive its evolution.