Recently, a video is circulating claiming to show a datamined secret seventh ending for Elden Ring that has never been seen before. But as cool as the video is, it’s fake. Conveniently posted around April Fools’ Day by Elden Ring YouTuber Garden of Eyes, the video shows the so-called “Age Absolute” ending.

From the side, this also proves the hotness of Elden Ring. I also really enjoyed playing it, and found it too cumbersome to get Elden Ring Runes in-game. It also prompted me to be more inclined to get runes on the site. But I think players need to open their eyes and think about what is really worth believing.

The same goes for choosing a site, we can't easily trust a site just because it's popular. After many researches, I think IGGM is the safest site. It's very affordable and the service is good. I can also use code "CSCCA" to get 5% off of Elden Ring Runes/Items/Boosting now! You can try it, I'm definitely not lying.