Recently, the developer banned more than a million Lost Ark accounts for what it believed to be bots, and amid such a massive ban frenzy, there could be a small percentage of players who could be mistakenly identified as bots. Luckily I wasn't mistaken for a bot. 

But this is just a small episode in the game journey, because there are more interesting new stories and Lost Ark Gold waiting for me to explore and collect. While a massive ban won’t eliminate 100% of the bots in Lost Ark, it’s a good start. They will further bring additional bans.

Beyond that, according to the Lost Ark developers, they're developing some internal tools that will stop bots from entering the game. I think this will greatly improve the gaming experience for players, but I still think there is a need to buy enough Lost Ark Gold, this would be more effective. I buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM every time. It's extra safe, and it's also giving away 6% free gold, which is great.